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When at last you see that there is no separation in God’s World—that is, nothing which is not God—then, at last, will you let go of this invention of man which you have called Satan. Cisco CCDP 300-101 Exam Book Book.

No. There is no such thing as a “karmic wheel.” Not the way you have imagined it. Many of you C2090-423 Exams Question have imag-ined that you are on, not 300-101 Exam a wheel, but a treadmill, in which you are working off the debts of past actions, and trying valiantly not to incur any new ones. This is 300-101 Exam what some of you have called “the karmic wheel.” It is not so very different from a few of your Western theologies, for in both paradigms you are seen as an unworthy sin-ner, seeking to gain the purity to move on to the next spiritual level.

It is the cycle of life, or what I sometimes term The Process. It is a picture phrase describing the no-beginning-and-no-end nature of things; the continually connected path to and from the all of everything, on which the soul joyfully journeys throughout eternity.

And if you understand this about sex, you will un-derstand this about everything in life. Even the end of life—what you call “death.” At the moment of your death, you will not see yourself as letting go of life, but simply enjoying it at a higher level.

Men invented the devil to scare people into doing what they wanted, under the threat of separation from God if they did not. Condemnation, being hurled into the everlasting fires of hell, was the ultimate scare tactic. Yet now you need be afraid no more. For nothing can, or ever will, separate you from Me.

Is this the same as the “karmic wheel”? Cisco 300-101 Practice Exam Exam Ref.

You may wish to again experience yourself becom-ing your Self—it is a grand experience, indeed—and so you may Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE v2.0) start all over again on the Cosmic Wheel. Best 300-101 Exam Dumps.

Latest Release 300-101 Exam Training Resources Study Material. You incarnate as lower forms, then evolve into higher states of consciousness. You are simply raising the energy in the Body of God. You are that energy. And when you arrive at the highest state, you experience it fully, then you decide what next you choose to experi-ence, and where in the Realm of Relativity you choose to go in order to experience it.

You and I are One. We cannot be anything else if I Am What I Am: All That Is.

If Satan exists, he exists as every thought you ever had of separation from Me. You cannot be separate from Me, for I Am All That Is.

That is excellent. That is an excellent imagery and an excellent understanding. Therefore, condemn not that which you call the lower, basic, animal instincts of man, yet bless them, honoring them as the path through which, and by which, you find your way back home.

Why then would I condemn Myself? And how would I do it? How could I separate Myself from Myself when My Self is All There Is, and there is nothing else? Cisco CCDP 300-101 Exam 300-320 Practice Note Exam Prep Gold Standard.

My purpose is to evolve, not to condemn; to grow, not to die; to experience, not to fail to experience. My purpose is to Be, not to cease to Be. The Latest 300-101 Exam Ref for CCDP.

The experience which I have described here, on the other hand, I am calling the Cosmic Wheel, because there is nothing of unworthiness, debt-repayment, punishment, or “purification.” The Cosmic Wheel HP0-Y29 Exam Collection sim-ply describes the ultimate reality, or what you might call the cosmology of the universe. Cisco 300-101 Training Resources Exam Topics.

Cisco CCDP 300-101 Exam Dumps Questions PDF. So go ahead! Mix what you call the profane and the profound—so that you can see that there is no differ-ence, and experience All as One. Then when you con-tinue to evolve, you will not see yourself as letting go of sex, but simply enjoying it at a higher level. For all of life is S.E.X.—Synergistic Energy eXchange.

Mix what you call the sacred with the sacrilegious, for until you see your altars as the ultimate place for love, and your bedrooms as the ultimate place for wor-ship, you see nothing at all. How To Pass 300-101 Exam Practice.

Ensure Pass Cisco 300-101 Training Resources. You think Cisco 300-101 Exam “sex” is separate from MB7-222 Certification Dumps God? I tell you 310-810 Exam Ref this: I am in your bedroom every night!

300-101 Exam Testing Engine Exam Objectives. It is why I HC-211-ENU Study Guides have said, play, play, play with sex—and with all of life!

This would relieve a lot of people of a lot of guilt around sex.

99% Pass Cisco 300-101 Complete Guide. Well, clarity is what you brought yourself here to ex-perience. That was the purpose of this dialogue. So I am glad you are achieving that.

Wow, I’ve never had that all explained to me so simply! I don’t think I’ve ever understood all this so clearly.

In truth, there is no “lower” or “higher” place on the Cos-mic Wheel. How CISA Exam Guide can there be? It’s a wheel, not a ladder.

Latest Cisco 300-101 Answers Books. It is the sacred rhythm of all life, by which you move the Energy of God.

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