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Useful ISC CISSP Exam Answers. Just as in this life your next moment is created out of the new understandings you’ve gained from your last moment, so, too, in what you call the afterlife, will you create a new moment from what you’ve come to know 9 and understand in the old.

There wouldn’t be any, as long as you remain in your created reality. Yet you will not create such a real-ity forever. Some of you won’t experience it for more than what you would call a “nanosecond.” And there-fore you will not experience, even in the private do-mains of your own imagination, a place of sadness or suffering.

ISC CISSP VCE Dumps Exams Cert. The soul responds to, re-creates, the mind’s most powerful suggestion, producing that in its experience.

It is 300-075 Exam Objectives all a matter of desire, of your choosing, of your creating, and, ultimately, of your creating the uncreate-able; that is, of your experiencing that which has al-ready been created.

You will understand yourself to be creating your own reality.

Yet should you choose to stop creating your own in-dividual reality and begin to understand and experi-ence the larger, unified reality, you will have an immediate 000-863 Dump opportunity to do that.

And one thing you will come to know and under-stand very quickly is that you are at choice, always, about what you wish to experience. That is because in the af-terlife results are instantaneous, and you will not be able to miss the connection between your thoughts about a thing, and the experience those thoughts create.

This would explain why some people’s experience is happy, and some people’s experience is frightening; why some peo-ple’s experience is profound, while other people’s experience is virtually nonexistent. And why so many different stories exist about what happens in the moments after death. Exambible ISC CISSP Testing Engine.

Effective Study ISC CISSP Exam Profile. that you wish, in its tiniest proportion, or its grandest. You may experience the microcosm or the macrocosm.

I will not forsake you, yet I will not force My Self upon you. I have never done so and I never will. You may return to Me whenever you wish. Now, while you are with the body, or after you have left it. You may re-turn to the One and experience the loss of your individ-ual Self whenever it pleases you. You may also re-create the experience of your individual Self whenever you choose.

It is precisely the same when the soul is with the body. Effective Study ISC CISSP Exam Questions.

When you reside with the human body, you are ex-periencing a smaller portion than the whole; that is, a portion of the microcosm (although by no means the smallest portion thereof). When you reside away from the body (in what some would call the “spirit world”), you have enlarged by quantum leaps your perspective. You will suddenly seem to know everything; be able to be everything. You will have a macrocosmic view of things, allowing you to understand that which you do not now understand.

Yes. Good. You are getting this.

ISC CISSP Exam Prep Exam Ref. Do You mean that there is no one particular way things are in the afterlife? Are there no eternal truths that exist outside of our own mind? Do we continue to go on creating myths and legends and make-believe experiences right past our death and into the next reality? When do we get released from the bond-age? When do we come to know the truth?

So me people come back from near-death experiences filled with peace and love, and with no fear, ever again, of death, while others return very frightened, 70-523 Complete Guide certain that they have just encountered dark and evil forces.

I may experience the particle or the rock. ISC ISC Certification CISSP Questions PDF Official Guide Certification Dumps.

You may experience any aspect of the All That Is

This is The Created Creator. The 070-451 Practice Test Unmoved Mover. ISC CISSP Questions PDF It is the alpha and the omega, the before and the after, the now-then-always aspect of everything, which you call God. Introducing CISSP Questions PDF Premium Exam.

When you choose to. That was the point of the Robin Williams movie. That is the point being made here. Those whose only desire is to know the eternal truth of All That Is, to understand the great mysteries, to experience the grandest reality, do so. Topdump CISSP Questions PDF Exam Ref Exam Objectives.

What would stop me from creating such a place for all eter-nity if I believed all my life that there was such a place, and that something I’d done had caused me to deserve such a place?

Your knowledge and understanding. CISSP Questions PDF Pass CISSP Questions PDF Testing Engine Exam Pdf.

Some souls remain in that experience for a time, making it very real—even as they remained in their experiences while with the body, though they were equally as unreal and impermanent. Other souls quickly adjust, see the experience for what it is, begin to think new thoughts, and move immediately to new ex-periences.

One of the things 070-346 Certification you will then understand is that there is a larger macrocosm still. That is, you will suddenly become clear that All That Is is even greater than the real-ity you are then experiencing. This will fill you at once with awe and C2180-377 Review Questions anticipation, wonder and excitement, joy and exhilaration, for you will IY0-150 Exam Prep then know and understand what I know and understand: that the game never ends.

Those who “die” in a state of such choosing, of such desiring, of such willingness and such Certified Information Systems Security Professional knowing, move into the experience of the Oneness at once. Others move into the experience only if, as, and when they so desire.

Yes, there is a One Great Truth; there is a Final Real-ity. But you will always get CISSP Questions PDF what you choose, regardless of that reality—precisely because the reality is that you are a divine creature, divinely creating your reality even as you are experiencing It.

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