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0 Lesson 3 Provisioning an Application Lesson 4 Using the Script Editor Lesson 5 Creating a Basic Contact Center Application Module 2 Application Development Tools and Techniques Lesson 1 C2150-810 Exams Cert Recording Prompts Lesson 2 Emergency Status Recording ICBB Dumps Lesson 3 Creating Holiday Subflows Lesson 4 Creating Default Scripts Lesson 5 Manipulating and Speaking Data Lesson 6 Manipulating Dates and Times Lesson 7 Manipulating Languages Lesson 8 Creating Open and Closed State Scripts Module 3 Help Desk Labs Lesson 1 Creating a Help Desk Script Lesson 2 Implementing Best Contact Center Practices Lesson 3 Implementing Expected Wait Time Techniques Lesson 4 Implementing Position in Queue Techniques Lesson 5 Implementing Overflow Routing Techniques Module 4 Finesse Applications Lesson 1 Manage Finesse Desktops and Teams Lesson 2 Implementing CM Based Call Recording Lesson 3 Using Finesse 3rd Party Gadgets Lesson 4 Finesse Web Chat and Agent Email Module 5 Caller Callback Techniques Lesson 1 Scripting for Caller Callback when Contact Center is Less busy Lesson 2 Scripting for Session Management and Using Finesse Call Variable Layouts Lesson 2 Scripting for Caller Callback Scheduled by 642-383 Books Caller Lesson 3 Scripting for Web originated Callbacks Module 6 Premium Applications Lesson 1 ASR TTS Technology Lesson 2 XML Techniques Lesson 3 Java Objects Lesson 4 Using Auto Attendant Lesson 5 Outbound Preview Dialing Module 7 Example Optional Advanced Techniques Lesson 1 Using ASR TTS in Script Applications Lesson 2 Using XML Techniques Module 1 Overview Lab 1 1 Provision Your First Application Lab 1 2 Using the CCX Script Editor Lab 1 3 Create a Basic Contact Center Application Module 2 Application Development Tools and Techniques Lab 2 1 Recording Prompts Lab 2 2 Add Emergency Status Recordings Lab 2 3 Create Holiday Subflows Lab 2 4 Create Default Scripts Lab 2 5 Manipulate and Speak Data Lab 2 6 Manipulate Dates and Time Lab 2 7 Manipulate Languages Lab 2 8 Create Open Closed State Script Module 3 Help Desk Labs Lab 3 1 Create a Help Desk Script Lab 3 2 Implement Best Contact Center Practices Lab 3 3 Implement Expected Wait Time Lab 3 4 Implement Position In Queue Techniques Lab 3 5 Implement Overflow Routing Techniques Module 4 Finesse Applications Lab 4 1 Manage Finesse Desktops, Teams Lab 4 2 Implementing Unified CM Based MediaSense Call Recording Lab 4 3 Using Finesse 3rd Party Gadgets Lab 4 4 Configuring Finesse 000-112 Practice Questions Web Chat and Agent Email Module 5 Caller Callback Techniques Lab 5 1 Implement Caller Callback When Contact Center is Less Busy Lab 5 2 Implement Session Management and Finesse Call Variable Layouts for Callback Lab 5 3 Implement Caller Callback Scheduled Lab 5 4 70-620 Premium Exam Implement Web originated Callbacks Lab 1 ASR TTS Technology Lab 2 XML Techniques Lab 3 Java Objects Lab 4 Using Auto Attendant Lab 5 Outbound Preview Dialing Module 7 Additional Application Techniques Lab 7 1 Using ASR TTS in Script Applications Lab 7 2 Implement XML Techniques CIS TR ACCXSL 01 ACUIC Training Boson Cisco Contact Center ACUIC Training Sep 05, 2017 Online 3395 Detail Quote Register ACUIC Training ACUIC Training About This IT Training Exam Name ACUIC Administering ACUIC Administering Cisco Unified Intelligence Center ACUIC is a 3 day administration course focusing on the CUIC reporting solution for Unified Contact Center Enterprise UCCE , Packaged Contact Center Enterprise PCCE and Customer Voice Portal CVP environments.

Although CUIC is also used in the UCCX environment, this course focuses on UCCE and PCCE environments only.

Latest Updated IASSC ICBB Exam Answers Exam Pdf. The Finesse Administrator s Call Variable Layout Administration, newly capable in v11.

IASSC Lean Six Sigma Black Belt ICBB Dumps Official Guide Practice Lab. Most of your time in ACUIC will be spent working in the lab environment which includes a live functional UCCE RH-302 Syllabus CVP environment deployed with CUIC as the reporting solution.

This provides students a chance to see how changing Service Levels in a Call Type might affect reporting, or how Agent Desk Settings impacts things, as just a few examples.

100% Pass ICBB Practice Note for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. There are optional desktop labs for those who wish to extend their learning experience.

During this class, you will wear multiple hats CUIC user, administrator, supervisor, agent and report customization specialist. Professional ICBB Practice Test for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

If agents are not ready, the class will investigate how to use various overflow routing techniques.

first two days of the course focus on the daily administrative functions of a CUIC user administrator, running and customizing reports as needed, and ensuring security and organization of the reporting environment is functional and organized.

ACCXSL Training PrerequisitesThe knowledge and IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt skills that a student must have before attending this course are as follows UCCX course or equivalent knowledge Some UCCX additional field experience ACCXSL Training Course ContentAfter completing this course, students should be able to complete all of the following Describe the Unified CCX product 70-413 Practice Lab architecture, components, call flow and general administration techniques Describe and apply new Unified CCX features to include Finesse Desktops Install and use the CCX Script Editor to create and debug scripts Provision and test CCX script applications Create application development tools for recording prompts and emergency prompts Create administrative tools to open and close contact centers Create useful subflow scripts to determine if today is a holiday Manipulate and speak dates, times and data Deploy and manipulate languages within script applications Create a fully functional help desk application using best practices Display important enterprise data on the Finesse Desktop Creatively use the Finesse Administrator to develop Actions and Workflow Create and deploy subflow scripts to announce estimated wait times and position in queue Invoke exception handling when a script throws an error Implement overflow routing techniques Create and deploy multiple caller callback techniques Deploy XML technology as it is used in contact center scripts Implement Java objects acquired from the public domain Troubleshoot CCX applications and scripts ACCXSL Training Course Outline Lesson 1 Review of Unified CCX Architecture, Components, Call Flow, Administration, Script Editor Lesson 2 New Changed Features in Unified Contact Center Express v11. Associated Certifications IASSC ICBB Exam ICBB Dumps Download. IASSC ICBB Dumps

Students will spend lab time using the Cisco Finesse Administrator to develop Workflows and Workflow Actions.

The labs will consider what happens when agents are logged in and ready. A Best Choice ICBB Syllabus for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

CUIC is a comprehensive, end to end UCCE PCCE reporting solution, designed to make the task of creating reports and managing disparate data sources, easier on the customer. Useful ICBB Dumps Exams Answers.

Since students are working on our live test system, you are encouraged to experiment and try the what if scenarios that may not be feasible in a production environment. IASSC Lean Six Sigma Black Belt ICBB Dumps Practice Quiz Practice Lab.

The last day of the class will cover further maintenance support of the CUIC environment such as A D integration, Data Source definitions, GW CVP ICM configuration requirements.

As 70-532 Practise Questions a Contact Center Express customer, you could still benefit from attending this course, provided you are aware that the course is built on an Enterprise environment.

IASSC ICBB Practise Questions Ebook Pdf. Students will learn to manipulate languages using the language tools in the script editor.

IASSC ICBB Exam Topics Study Guides. 0, will be used to create applications that push data to the agent desktop and cause the agent desktop to react to that data.

professional IASSC ICBB Tests Premium Exam. In this course, the instructor will encourage any and all out of the box thinking that students might want to try.

99% Pass ICBB Dumps Practice. PrerequisitesTo fully benefit from this course, students should have the following prerequisite skills and knowledge Familiarity with the UCCE or PCCE environment Working knowledge of Contact Center operations is desirable, but not required knowledge of SQL commands is desirable, but not Working knowledge of Windows and the simultaneous use of the Alt and Tab key is Define how CUIC is implemented as a reporting solution in a UCCE PCCE CVP Define the various interfaces to CUIC and their relevant use Define CUIC standard data sources CCE, CVP as well as how to configure a custom data source Demonstrate proficiency with regard to the security of users groups roles permissions within CUIC Demonstrate how to obtain and import reports into CUIC Define other UCCE configuration settings which affect the output of data as seen from Demonstrate how to install, administer, and provide user group security for the CUIC Define the role of Active Directory integration as it relates to CUIC Users, Supervisors and Teams Demonstrate proficiency of use with regard to navigation and use of the CUIC Reporting Solution for the creation of Demonstrate proficiency with creating custom reports Demonstrate proficiency with creating custom Report Definitions Describe the benefit and use of various CUIC features including Dashboards, Value Lists, Collections, pop outs and permalinks, just to name a few OutlineACUIC is best described as an interactive course and includes all of the components which make up a UCCE installation, from the PSTN all the way down to the agent.

IASSC ICBB Exam Training Exam Prep. For the rest of the week, the class will conduct a master project and will build a major contact center application, deploying database routing, skills based routing, expected wait time subflows and caller s position in queue subflows.

Buy Best IASSC ICBB Practice Lab Study Guides. The third day of class explores skills needed for architects and engineers.

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